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Supports multiple devices and OS

Available on Desktop, Touch systems, Tab, Mobile devices and supports all operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac


Supports thin clients

It is lightweight and Energy efficient. It supports Raspberry PI with custom OS and pre-loaded BillboxPOS


Built for all retail usecases

Supports Stores, Warehouses, Super market, Restaurant, Laundry, Pharmacy, Car wash, Hotels and Fast lanes


Access from anywhere

Billbox POS from multiple branches can sync data with its web solution so that you can view business performance from anywhere.


Supported Industries

Features you love



Barcode Scanning - EAN, UPC, CODE128. Price/Weight

Barcode Printing - EAN, UPC, CODE128.

Card Payments - Credit/Debit card processing.

Cash Drawer - Use your printer's native (CDK) port.

Close Cash - X and Z reports, previews and reprints at any time.

Customizable GUI - Change button sizes and display options.

Customer Display - Standard 2 by 20 matrix or opt for a 2nd monitor.

Customizable Receipts and Tickets - Change Layout. Include own logo, messages and more.

Look and Feel - Change layout of application.

Mixed use Retail/Hospitality - X-purpose ordering. Like: place order in deli and add to coffee shop order.

Mobile POS - Any Windows or Linux tablet or smartphone.

Multi-Lingual - English, Arabic, and Turkish complete : Others also available on-demand.

Multi-Payment - Take mixed payments of Cash, Card, Account, Vouchers, Coupons and more.

Multi-Printer - Attach up to 6 directly connected printers. Connect to any number of network and other printers.

Multi-Tax Rates - Unlimited Product and Customer Tax Categories. Standard VAT/GST taxes are easily handled.

Multi-Terminal - Scalable from a single POS at a single store to a multi-location, multi-terminal installation.

Pay Ins/Outs - Keep track of ad-hoc cash payments and receipts.

Receipt Print/Don’t Print - Don't like wasting paper? Switch off receipt printing by default but print on-demand.

Invoice Print/Don’t Print - Don't like wasting paper? Switch off invoice printing by default but print on-demand.

Restaurant mode - Multiple Floor and Table plans. Personalize with your own layouts and graphics.

Retail mode - Standard and Specialist Retail screens.

Scripting language - Something not quite how you want it? Use our built-in scripting language to get you there.

Secure User Logon - Logons and Card swipe key options.

Supermarket mode - Ideal for multi-lane, fast moving aisle traffic.

Units Of Measure - Define your own Units of Measure and apply to individual Products.

Weighing scales - Direct connection to popular weighing scales like Avery-Berkel, Casio, CAS, Mettler Toledo, Samsung and other serial communication devices.

CallerID Integration - For phone deliveries

Bulk product import - Upload bulk of products to application with Excel.

Backup/Restore - Backup/Restore database through application.

Ready made product lists



Access Levels - Role-based. Set groups and users access to menus and certain functionality.

Account Sale - Assign Customer account to a sale. Includes account credit limit and payments.

Account Settlement - Settle Customer account debtors from within a sale. Allows mix of all payments types.

Customer Lookup - Fast Customer account lookup and create new Customers on-the-fly.

Discounts - Choose from Line or Total ticket discounts or combine both. Automatically apply Customer discounts.

Edit Receipt - Edit a previous open or closed sale. Add and delete ticket lines with ability to print changes or simply reprint.

Edit Sales - Refund or Edit a closed ticket. Add, Edit or Delete ticket lines. Change Payment type settlements.

Free-entry Item - Need to sell something not in your Inventory? Add unlimited free-entry lines. Set description, prices , quantity and apply taxes at any time.

In-sale Stock check - Check any Product's Current, Minimum and Maximum stock-level in real-time.

Layaway - Park/Hold and recall any sale at any time.

Mixed Payment - Take any payment types including assigning full or partial amounts to a Customer account.

Move Table - In Restaurant mode : Move a table to a new table. Merge and Move a table's current order to another occupied table in 2 touches.

Partial Payment - Receive a pre-payment, partial payment or deposit for any Customer account.

Product Lookup - Fast, in-sale Product lookup, with image, using options like Category, Description and Price options.

Receipt Notes - Add an ad-hoc Note to any sales ticket line or use the powerful, built-in Attributes feature.

Receipt Ticket - Personalize, change layout and content of receipt. Add your own logo.

Remote/Kitchen Print - Send sales ticket to any printer anywhere.

Refunds - Full or Partial refunds either whole ticket or individual ticket lines. Direct refund also.

Reservations - In Restaurant mode : Take bookings and assign Customers or Walk-ins directly to a table.

Split Receipts - Take separate payments from several Customers for a single order.

Table Management - Multiple floor plans. Multiple tables. Use your own table-plan graphic image.

Tax change in line - Ability to assign a different tax to any Variable product sales ticket line.

Transfer Order Item - Hand-over current server to another at any time in a sale.

Variable Pricing - Over-ride any Product's Sell Price at any time - controlled by User Role permissions.



Attributes/Modifiers - Assign any combination of your own special Attributes - also known as Modifiers - such as Size, Colour or something like with/without relish to any product.

Auxiliaries - Set a product so that it can only be sold as part of another.

Barcodes - Use internationally recognised GS1 EAN-8, EAN-13 and UPC-A, UPC-E - including Price/Weight - and Code128 barcodes.

Bundles - Create, combine and sell a collection of any product. Track individual item's inventory.

Categories - Conveniently group products using unlimited Categories and unlimited sub-Categories.

Locations - Monitor and track physical inventory more accurately. Set access of any terminal to a specific location's warehouse.

Loss Prevention - Every sale, refund or item movement is tracked automatically. Allow adjustments to things like Quantity or Price based on user permissions.

Min/Max levels - Set lower and upper limits per product. Prevent over-selling and over-stocking.

Multi-Warehouse - Maintain any number of Warehouses. Receive, Adjust, Transfer, and more, any inventory item using Stock Management.

Multi-Store - Connect stores to a single, central located database or each to their own.

Opening Stock - Set opening stock per location/per warehouse using Stock Management feature.

Printer assignment - Control a sales ticket Product's Remote Printer destination like ; Drinks to Bar or all food to Kitchen.

Product Image - Store a visual of any product to help users and customers identify an item quickly.

Real-time Lookup - Instantly view product detail from within or outside of a sale.

Stock Management - Comprehensive stock management module included.

Stock levels - Set Minimum and Maximum stock per item. Check things like current stock and under/over stock positions per Location, per Category, per Supplier and more.

Supplier - Assign a main supplier to any product. Record for example goods inwards for a product from another supplier.

Transactions - View a product's movements right down to a sales ticket line, per supplier or overall.

Transfers - Easily move products and quantities between Locations/Warehouses for better inter-store inventory control.



Account Management - Supplier module includes key management reporting.

Address and Contact detail - Store core supplier detail along with main contact.

Assign to Product - Connect a supplier to any number of products.

Credit Limit - A handy place to note the Credit Limit agreed with a supplier.

Diary - Detailed view of supplier related sales and inventory activity.

Record deliveries - Keep track of goods inwards for a chosen supplier.

Sales - Pull a sales report for any or all suppliers.

Track inventory - Keep track of goods inwards for a chosen supplier.

Transaction History - View a supplier's related product stock movement history.



Account Management - Customer module includes key management reporting.

Address and Contact detail - Store core customer detail along with main contact.

Barcode - Assign an unique customer barcode or use your own. Useful for customer loyalty and member cards and within the sales screen.

Credit Limit - Set a pre-determined sales value limit to what your customer can put on their account.

Customer Diary - Quick reference list of a customer's sales transactions.

Customer Information - Keep additional information such as Notes in addition to core customer detail.

Customer Store Card - Produce your own using a default template or use pre-printed, pre-numbered from an external supplier.

Discount % - Assign a specific discount % to a customer. Used in sales screen when customer is assigned to a ticket.

Label Printing - Quick, credit card size format labels includes customer image, barcode and other info'. Useful for membership type stores.

Multi-Tax Categories - Intended use is for on-premise/off-premise tax rules. Can also be used for Country/State/privileged customers where local taxes do not apply.

On/Off Account Payments - Assign a sales ticket to a customer. Payment in full or in part balance can be assigned to account.

Photo Image - Useful when operating any kind of membership scheme.

Statement -Debtors list in convenient credit card size format.

Transaction History - Sales transaction history includes sales ticket info', product and other line detail.



Access Levels - Assign users to your own Roles groups. Allow or dis-Allow use of certain features.

Breaks and Leave - Simple function to record users work/shift attendance and holidays.

CheckIn/CheckOut - Keeps track of users logged on/off status.

Employee Info - Maintain active and non-active users. Assign Roles and security settings.

Performance - Monitor user sales values and No-sales reasons per user and date range

Photo Image - Use on security cards.

Security Card - Intended for use where security is needed. Produce label or card from an existing template or use an external ID card supplier.



Cash receipt

Cash payment

Bank deposit

Bank withdrawal

Journal Entry

Customer payment

Supplier payment

Cash book

Day book

Bank book


Trial balance

Trading account

Profit and Loss account

Trading & Profit and Loss account

Balance sheet



Employee - A range of Employee related reports including performance and ID Cards.

Customer - A range of Customer related reports including Debtors and ID Card.

Financial - Core financial reports including Close Cash history and Taxes.

Inventory - Includes Stock Levels, In/Out of Stock, Movements and performace reports.

Sales - Core Sales reports include People, Products, Payments and Charts.

Supplier - Essential Supplier reports including Supplier's Diary

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